On-Line Travel Support

Online Travel Support Services

Swiss Assist have been at the forefront of the use technology to help mitigate the risks faced by business travelers and expatriates. In fact, we are the very proud recipients of the Queen's Award for Enterprise, Innovation Section, for our pioneering use of technology to mitigate travel related medical risk. Our online services serve to better manage risk by ensuring that travelers and expatriates are adequately prepared before they travel, and then ensuring that there is a proactive response to a potential crisis during travel.


Travel Preparation:

Swiss Assist's 'Travel Oracle' website provides business travelers and expatriates with an invaluable source of pre-travel advice and destination information. 'Travel Oracle' also integrates a vaccinations management tool, and includes a facility to store personal medical records and emergency documents such as copies of passports and visas. 'Travel Oracle' can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a secure use log-on, and includes: 


Country Guides

  • Geography, history, people and culture, travel, visa requirements, embassy locations, financial information, details of cities and regions.
  • General health information, detailed assessment of medical infrastructure and local medical capabilities, recent disease outbreaks, destination specific health precautions.
  • Country risk assessment and risk background
  • Information on local media

Travel Alerts

  • Late breaking security incidents and risks
  • Late breaking medical incidents and risks
  • Incident advisories and alerts with analysis, recommendations and travel tips

Risk Rating Watch

  • Country risk ratings for personal risk to travelling employees
  • Likelihood of requirement to evacuate

Immunization Manager

  • Personal record of inoculations
  • Advice on vaccinations required for each trip

Emergency Documents Storage

  • Facility to scan and store important documents such as passports, visas, credit cards, prescriptions, medical reports, and x-rays so that copies can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Personal Medical Records Storage

  • Facility to store individual medical records to allow access from anywhere in the world.

Travel Tips

  • A broad range of useful travel advice ranging from trip planning to surviving a hostage/kidnapping incident.

Meeting Planning Tool

  • Helps to plan meetings and teleconference calls across several time zones.

Weather and Local Time for Each Country

Currency, Temperature, Distance, Weight and Time Zone Converters


Traveler Tracking and Communication:

Swiss Assist can provide an industry leading in-trip traveler tracking solution, allowing our clients to immediately assess their exposure, and take appropriate action, in the event of a political, medical or environmental crisis. Traveler tracking enables: 

  • Monitoring of traveler movements in real-time, allowing immediate reaction to developing situations and threats.
  • Monitoring of a wide range of potential threats to travelers and expatriates globally.
  • Provision of in-built communications tools that allow immediate communication with employees directly or potentially affected by an evolving situation. 
  • Alerting of travelers en route as well as those departing in the next 12, 24 and 48 hours.
  • Storing of travelers' hotel and emergency contact details, as well as personal and next of kin information.