Swiss Assist Active Monitoring

Swiss Assist Active Monitoring helps keep your global workforce safe. This unique service actively monitors the global security environment and proactively reaches out to your affected employees during a critical incident or crisis to ensure their well-being.

This leading-edge technology works in conjunction with the SAP Concurs Locate platform, which provides a greater level of detail than the standard GDS booking tools. The system utilizes granular traveler information that is integrated with your HR database in order to effectively pinpoint the location of your business travelers, expatriate workers and local nationals across the globe. When an incident occurs, we provide informed, relevant and timely alerts and advisories to affected employees. In the event of a critical incident, we identify any of your employees that may need assistance.


‘Service over software’

Our unique ‘service over software’ approach provides clients with affordable access to state of the art security technology. This technology is delivered and managed by our 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOC). Incidents are geo-fenced and ‘at-risk’ employees are immediately identified; contact is then made to establish if assistance is required. Accurate, relevant and timely intelligence, along with real-time alerts are disseminated to Risk Managers and affected employees. This information is sent in accordance with preapproved, customized escalation processes. When required, emergency assistance is seamlessly provided.


We keep you informed

Swiss Assist Active Monitoring provides critical communication with impacted employees during an incident, and it also ensures you have the knowledge you need to brief stakeholders. From the initial incident right through to resolution, your organization remains informed and in control every step of the way. This level of knowledge facilitates effective decision-making in a crisis and enables you to fulfil your duty of care.




  • Expert support

    Benefit from industry leading technology and around-the-clock support from a team of global security professionals.
  • Cost efficient resource

    All the benefits of a dedicated 24/7 global risk intelligence service without having to invest in full time resources.
  • Delays and confusion avoided

    Impacted employees are rapidly identified and contacted to ascertain if assistance is needed.
  • Your entire global workforce protected

    Covers your local national employees as well as your business travelers and expats.
  • On the ground assistance

    If required, we can seamlessly provide on the ground medical, security and travel assistance to your impacted employees and their families.


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