Remote Site Medical Support

Remote Site Medical Support

Swiss Assist supports clients in some of the most hostile and challenging locations on the planet. In such environments, medical infrastructure is typically inadequate or, in many cases, non-existent. Swiss Assist provides a comprehensive range of services to support the medical needs of these clients.

'Topside' Support:

Swiss Assist's 'topside' support enables our clients' on-site medics and employees to gain immediate access to the advice of specialist Accident and Emergency consultants in the event of a medical emergency. With our partner, the Geneva University Hospital, we are able to offer immediate access to some of the world's leading emergency medicine specialists who are expert in the provision of remote medical support, 24/7.


Medical Staffing:

Swiss Assist is able to deploy a wide range of qualified medical professionals onto a client's site, be it in a remote location, an office or an operational facility. These professionals include physicians, paramedics and nurses encompassing a range of specializations including emergency medicine and advanced life support, primary healthcare, and occupational health.


Medical Infrastructure and Supply Chain Services:

In locations where medical infrastructure is inadequate for the needs of our clients, Swiss Assist is able to deploy mobile medical units and portable or semi-permanent medical clinics and hospitals. Swiss Assist is able to provide a full stocked, 'turn key' solution that includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumables.